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Large Combos
Tidal Wave Combo 3n1
  • 16ft High Rock Climb Wall
  • Tidal Wave Combo
  • Huge Slide!!
Product Details
Size: 13 ft. x 40 ft. x 20 ft.
Space Required: 15 ft. x 42 ft. x 25 ft.

Tidal Wave Combo 3n1

Ages 3 & Up. Features: Blue, Light Blue, Red & Yellow. This is the Biggest Baddest combo we have! It has a 13x13 bouncer with a 16ft high rock climb wall and huge slide that goes down the opposite side! 3 kids can climb the wall at one time and 4-5 kids can slide down the slide! Note: All Park rentals require Power! You can provide your own generator or rent from us! (Any questions Please speak with our staff) Best Location : On Grass or Cement -- Asphalt or Dirt requires TARPS!! NEVER ON SAND! Note: Any rental past 8 hrs, extra fee will apply!


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NOTE:  All Park rentals require power!  You can rent a Generator from us or provide your own.  (Please speak with our staff for requirements)